What/where is the Douglas Design District?

The DDD encompasses the stretch of Douglas from Washington east to Glendale (1 block east of Oliver), north to 2nd street and south to Kellogg. The DDD includes over 300 locally owned businesses.

What is Avenue Art Days?

AAD is an initiative of the DDD aimed to promote creative talent and beautify Douglas Avenue and the surrounding areas.  Avenue Art Days began in fall 2015, along Douglas from Washington to Hydraulic. Over 100 volunteers and artists showed up and in one weekend we cleaned and painted every light pole and installed seven street murals. As a result we gained citywide attention featured in local newspaper, TV news, and public radio. The event itself and the coverage following has and will continue to address the perception issue that has long been a challenge for our city.

When was the first Avenue Art Days?  How many have there been?

Since fall of 2015, the Douglas Design District has hosted four Avenue Art Days events yielding 60+ art installations at businesses in the District. This year marks the 5th Avenue Art Days!

When is this year’s Avenue Art Days?

September 20-22 (Friday-Sunday).  The artists are challenged to complete their murals during this 3-day timespan.  On September 22, we encourage the community to come out, walk around the district and check out the murals.  We will be hosting a mural crawl on the 22nd for an opportunity to see the nearly completed murals, take pics with the murals, meet the artists, etc.; those who complete the mural crawl will get a free t-shirt…more info to come! September 22 is also the Open Streets ICT event. Douglas Avenue will be closed from Bluff Street in College Hill to Glenn Street in Delano for all to get active, socialize and stop at local businesses, restaurants, street vendors and five major activity hubs located along the route. You don’t want to miss this!

At this event we reveal the mural locations and announce which artist submissions have been selected to participate in Avenue Art Days.  This is our only major fundraiser for the event.  We will auction off the murals in a live auction conducted by McCurdy Auction.  The launch party will have raffles, food, drinks, live music, volunteer sign-ups and more!

What is the Avenue Art Days Launch Party?

Thanks to the generosity of individuals and sponsors each year, in 2017 we were happy to add the “Starving Artist” initiative to the program which provides the artists a paid stipend for their work in addition to covering their costs of paint, supplies, meals, and t-shirts during the event. Those investing in Avenue Art Days can be confident that their donation is supporting artists in our community.

Why does AAD need to have a fundraiser?

There will be 10 murals going up during the 2019 Avenue Art Days.  You can view artist renderings and locations at the mural tables displayed at the Avenue Art Days Launch Party.

How many murals are going up this year?  Where are they located?

What is the difference between an Avenue Art Days mural and a privately commissioned mural?

Avenue Art Days provides area artists a large scale, public platform to showcase THEIR work. Unlike a commissioned mural, the property owners that have generously donated their walls as an Avenue Art Days canvas do not select or have creative control of their mural or artist(s). Artists submit their artwork and a ranked preference of wall desired (from a list provided in that years artist submission packet) that they feel will best showcase their work. The Avenue Art Days volunteer planning committee and DDD Board Members then select the winning muralists and locations that we feel will best enhance the vibrancy and public art in the District.

How do I get an Avenue Art Days mural on my building?

Each year we have a team that scouts the District for ideal locations for street art and contacts the property owners to urge them to participate. The property owner must be willing to donate their wall without pre-knowledge of the art or artist(s) that will be showcased there. Once selections have been made, the property owner has an option to opt out prior to public announcement, but all creative control is maintained by the artist. Have a building located within the Douglas Design District that would be a good fit for an Avenue Art Days mural? Think beyond just walls to include doors, steps, fences, retainer walls, etc. Let us know!

How do I become an Avenue Art Days mural artist?

For information on applying to be a mural artist, click here.

Where can I find more information/list of murals?

Absolutely!  Stop by the volunteer sign up table and we’ll take your information.  We will designate specific responsibilities as the event gets closer but for the most part, we will need help with the mural crawl on the 22nd.  Volunteers will be assigned to specific murals to visit with the community about the murals, point them to the next mural, answer general questions, etc. 

Can I volunteer/help during the 2019 Avenue Art Days?

More Questions? Send us an email!